Various Buffalo Dairy Farming NABARD Loans, Subsidies, Schemes in India

Buffalo Dairy Farming NABARD Loans and Subsidies: Buffalo Dairy Farming is now one of the popular options for many new entrepreneurs. This is mainly because of the profits that one can earn from the Buffalo Dairy Farming. The demand for the milk and milk products will never decline. In fact, the demand is increasing which is a huge boost for the new entrepreneurs. Seeing all these things, many people are coming into the Buffalo Dairy Farming. Rightly so, the Indian government is also helping people who want to enter into this business.

Guide to Start Buffalo Dairy Farming Business

Though the profits of Buffalo Dairy Farming is high, it is not that easy to start. This is mainly because of the Costs that one will incur in the Commercial Buffalo Dairy Farming Business. Earlier, we have given information on the Buffalo Dairy Farming Costs. You can check that link to know what are the costs and expenditure, that you will have to invest. Since the government is also providing the loans and subsidies for starting the dairy farm setup, you can use them. But not many know about these subsidies or schemes. Hence we have come up with this guide which will help you in getting to know various buffalo dairy farm schemes and subsidies.

List of Buffalo Dairy Farming NABARD Loans:

This is the main part of this article. Here you will get the information regarding the NABARD Loans for Buffalo Dairy Farming Setup and also SBI Livestock Loans information. Hence have a look at the below section, to know more about it. As per the Assocham Report, the Indian milk production is increasing. It will see the same result in the coming years. Furthermore, the Milk Industry’s annual turnover is around Rs. 5 Lakh Crore. In an effort to increase the income of the Buffalo Dairy Farmers, NABARD is trying its best by bringing Buffalo Dairy Farming Subsidy Schemes.

Buffalo Dairy Farming NABARD Loans

Eligibility Criteria to Avail NABARD Subsidy Loan:

  • Farmers or Individual startup entrepreneurs.
  • NGOs.
  • Village Women unions.
  • Organized or any unorganized Groups.
  • Self Help Groups(SHGs)
  • Regional Milk Unions

Various Schemes under NABARD Dairy Farming Subsidy:

TypeDescriptionInvestment in RupeesSubsidy ProvidedFor SC/ST
Type 1Establishment of Buffalo Dairy farm with 2 to 10 Buffaloes5 lakhs Rs.25,000 for a minimum of two buffaloesRs.33,000 for a minimum of two buffaloes
Type 2 Establishment of Buffalo dairy farm with 20 Buffaloes 4.8 lakhs Rs. 30,000 with a minimum of 15 to 20 animalsRs 40,000 with a minimum of 15 to 20 animals
Type 3 Establishment of Buffalo dairy farm with more than 20 Buffaloes Rs. 18 lakhs25% of the outlay to the dairy farm33.33 % of the outlay to the dairy farm
Type 4 Purchase of dairy farm equipment Rs. 12 lakhs Rs. 3 lakh for the unit.Rs. 4 lakh for the unit.
Type 5 For establishment of dairy products with transportation chain to various regions Rs. 24 lakhs Rs. 6 lakhsRs. 8 lakhs
Type 6 To establish dairy farm along with dairy parlous and marketing outlet Rs. 56,000 per oulet or parlourRs 14,000/-Rs. 18600/-

These are the various schemes and NABARD loans that one can get. For more information, you can log into the Official NABARD Website, where you can apply for the NABARD Loans. You can also approach your nearest NABARD Bank where it will provide you with more information. Furthermore, check below to know more about the Buffalo Dairy Farming Business in India.

List of Training Programs in Buffalo Dairy Farming

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