What is the Cost of Commercial Aloe Vera Farming/Cultivation in India

Expected Commercial Aloe Vera Farming Cost in India: If you are reading this, you must know What is Aloe Vera Farming. Cultivation of Aloe Vera is a booming business. Hence many young entrepreneurs are entering into this Agri-Business. One of the main reason for this booming business is the Aloe Vera Profit Per Acre. One has to accept that the Aloe Vera Price Per KG is more than that of vegetable crops. With some of the best practices of Aloe Vera Cultivation and Marketing in India, both farmers and young entrepreneurs are gaining huge profits.

The Scope of Aloe Vera Farming will never cease. As it has many medicinal properties. You can see its presence in almost all the ayurvedic medicines. Hence the Aloe Vera Price Per Ton is high. Also, with various Management Practices in Aloe Vera Cultivation, farmers are achieving a good yield. One has to say that the Aloe Vera Yield per Acre in India is higher than that of other countries. Earlier we have come up with the information on How to Start Aloe Vera Farming. We really hope that the information is helpful to you. Now we are going to give you information on the Cost of Aloe Vera Farming in India. This will include various Cultivation Costs of Aloe Vera.

Commercial Aloe Vera Farming Cost

What does the Commercial Aloe Vera Farming cost in India:

If you are going to Start Aloe Vera Business, then you should definitely know the Economics of it. Without knowing the Economics of Aloe Vera Cultivation, you will end up facing loses. Hence we have tried to give info one Costs of Aloe Vera Farming for 1 Hectare land. You can convert this information for hectare too if you want to know the Aloe Farming Costs.

S. No.ParticularsCost
1.Planting MaterialsRs. 28,000
2.Preparation of Ridges and FurrowsRs. 3,000
3.Farm Yard Manure Rs. 4,500
4.Fertilizers and ManureRs. 2,000
5.Irrigation Rs. 1,500
6.Plant chemicals and Spraying Rs. 2,000
7.Labor Rs. 5,000
8.Packing the CropRs. 2,000
Total CostRs. 48,000

From the above table, you might have got any idea about the Expected Aloe Vera Cost per Acre. You have to remember that those are rough numbers of Commercial Aloe Vera Farming Cost. They are not accurate, you might incur less or more in the real situations.

Investments in Aloe Vera Farming in India:

  • The Cost of Plant Materials in Aloe Vera Cultivation is about Rs 28,000.
  • While you will incur a total of Rs 4,500 for Farm Yard Manure.
  • It will cost you a total of Rs 3,000 for Preparation of Ridges and Furrows in Aloe Vera Farming.
  • You have to spend about Rs 2,000 on Fertilizers and Manure.
  • While you will get the Cost of Irrigation in the Cultivation of Aloe Vera up to Rs 1,500.
  • For buying and spraying the Aloe Vera Plant Chemicals, you should spend Rs 2,000.
  • The Cost of Labor for Commercial Aloe Vera Farming is about Rs 5,000.
  • The last Aloe Vera Farming Costs is packing and transporting, which will cost you about Rs 2,000.

The Total Cost of Commercial Aloe Vera Farming per Acre is about Rs 24,000. While the Total Cost of Commerical Aloe Vera Cultivation per Hectare is about Rs 48,000 – Rs 50,000.

These are different Costs in the Aloe Vera Farming Project Report. We hope that this information on the Total Cost and Investment of Aloe Vera Farming Business is helpful to you. Furthermore, check below to know more about Commercial Aloe Vera Farming in India.

Expected Income Returns from Commercial Aloe Vera Farming in India

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