Loans, Schemes and Subsidies of Aloe Vera Farming in India

Schemes and Commercial Aloe Vera Farming Subsidies: If you want an introduction for Aloe Vera, then let me tell you that is an Ayurvedic Plant, which has no competition. The number of Benefits of Aloe Vera has is more than what many other medicinal plants have. Hence the demand for the Aloe Vera in a country like India is more. Apart from that, there is a huge demand for the Aloe Vera from the other countries. In the recent times, the Exports of Aloe Vera Produce has increased. With this alone, one can easily say that there are huge profits from Commercial Aloe Vera Farming in India.

Since there are a number of profit gaining opportunities with Aloe Vera Farming, many are coming up to take this business. Hence the government has started a few Subsidy Programs for Aloe Vera Farmers. Apart from that, you will also get Bank Loans for Aloe Vera Farming. Since there is not much information on the same, we have clubbed all the information here. You can check this piece of information to know the Various Aloe Vera Farming Schemes, Subsidies, and Loans. Before going further, check the link to know Commercial Aloe Vera Farming Profit Margins.

List of Loans and Commercial Aloe Vera Farming Subsidies in India:

In India, NABARD which stands for National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development is providing Subsidies for the farmers. This Bank is giving Subsidies in the Agricultural Loans for the eligible Aloe Vera Farmers. According to the NABARD norms, following values is the margin for different farmers.

  • Marginal Farmers : 5%,
  • Small Farmers: 10%
  • Big Farmers: 15%

However, in the present model, only the 15% of the unit cost is considered. The Margin Money under 15% model is about Rs. 10,340.

Check the below tablet for Aloe Vera Farming Subsidies:

S. NoType of FarmersPercentage of Loan
1.Marginal Farmers5%
2.Small Farmers10%
3.Big Farmers15%

Commercial Aloe Vera Farming Subsidies

NABARD Bank loan for Aloe Vera Farming:

If you are an eligible person, then NABARD bank will consider a total of 85% of the unit cost. This accounts for a total of Rs. 58,000

Interest Rates: You will have to repay the NABARD loan with an interest of 12% p.a.

Security for the NABARD Loan: You will have to provide according to the guidelines of RBI and the amount of loan you take.

Repayment Schedule: You will get a total of 12 months as Grace period. While you have to repay the loan within 4 years. This will include the grace period too.

Government Schemes for Aloe Vera Farming In India:

Since this is a medicinal plant, you can take loans from NMPB. They are also providing loans for the Aloe Vera Farmers across India. If your investment is about 6.25 lakhs, then you will get 100% assistance under SHG. While you will get a 50% of the cost if you are from the private sector.

These are the different Subsidies, Loans, and Schemes of Aloe Vera Farming in India. We hope that this information is helpful to you. Furthermore, check the below link to know more about Commercial Aloe Vera Farming in India.

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