Things to Consider Before Starting Commercial Poly House Farming in India

Commercial Poly House Requirements in India: If you are at a stage where you do not know What is Poly House Farming, then you should not start right away. You should know certain things about Polyhouse Farming in India. Since it is a farming in controlled-environment, it requires a certain type of things. These are completely unlike the traditional cultivational practices. Since most of them do not know What are the Requirements for Poly House Farming, we have compiled few here. You can check them below to know various Commercial Poly House Requirements.

Drawbacks of Poly House Farming in India

List of Commercial Poly House Requirements in India:

Since this farming is providing good profits, it is pretty much obvious that many would want to try it out. At the same time, many fail in this due to the lack of knowledge about Polyhouse. If you go through the following things, you will not end up in that lot.

1. Location: This is the primary thing to consider if you want to start this type of farming. The Site for Polyhouse should have good transport, water facilities. Apart from that, it should not be in an area where there is a chance of contamination.

2. Water: For any cultivation irrigation is necessary. Though the Irrigation Requirement is less, the Site should have plenty of fresh water supply.

3. Electricity: Since you will control temperature and humidity inside the Poly House, you require electricity. You can do this only with certain electronic equipment which requires electricity. Make sure that your site has good electricity supply.

4. Labor: This requires skilled-labor. Hence you should keep this in mind. Otherwise, you will face a lot of problems once you commence the Poly House Farming.

Commercial Poly House Requirements

Important Things for Poly House Farming

5. Growing Medium: There are different growing mediums like Cocopeat etc. You have to select the best suitable one according to the type of crop.

6. Input Source: You should have easy availability of Input Sourcing. Without this, your Poly House Farming may affect.

7. Floor Design: Since you do not want the attack of pests and diseases and also want Clean & Easy Drainage, Designing the Floor if very important.

8. Waste Management: In any cultivation, waste is a common thing. This Poly House is no exception. Hence you have to maintain good waste management in Poly House Farming.

9. Technical Advice: We have told you that Poly House is one of the latest technology in Agriculture. No one really has complete knowledge. Hence you should have a source of Technical advice while farming in Poly House.

10. What is your Business Model: According to the Business Model, you have to Start Polyhouse Farm in India. Without this, starting the Polyhouse will lead to failure.

These are some of the Requirements that you have to consider before starting the Poly House Farming in India. We hope that this article will help you in getting some insights about PolyHouse Farming. Furthermore, check the below link to know more about Commercial Poly House Farms in India.

How to Start Poly House Farming in India

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