List of Problems of Commercial Beekeeping in India

Challenges and Commercial Beekeeping Problems in India: In case you are about to Start Apiculture in India, then you should know the different Challenges Facing Beekeeping. Yes, there are a number of Advantages and Benefits of Beekeeping in India. We all know that. But at the same time, you should also know the various problems in honey bee farming in India. If you start without knowing these constraints of beekeeping, then you might end up facing many difficulties. Since we have a list of different problems in Apiculture, reading them will help in many ways. Hence check the below list of various Beekeeping Challenges in India.

Commercial Beekeeping Problems

Various Challenges in Commercial Beekeeping in India:

S. No.Aspects Problems
1. KnowledgeInadequate Knowledge is leading to loses
2.FundsNot many invest adequate funds in Beekeeping
3.UnionsThere are not many Unions to come together and discuss their problems
4.Yield & ProductionThe yield is not the same every year. Also the quality varies.
5.LaborSkilled labor is hard to find for Beekeeping.
6.MarketingThere is no proper marketing channels in the rural India
7.PriceThe Beekeepers do not get the right price for their efforts.
8.OthersPollution, Chemical pesticides and Genetically Modified Plants are killing bees

List of Commercial Beekeeping Problems in India:

Apiculture is an art and science of rearing of honey bees. Hence if you do not maintain it properly, you will face many problems. We have enlisted few of them in the below section, check them.

  • The Beekeepers have inadequate knowledge and skills. This is leading to the debacle of Beekeeping.
  • Not many new Beekeepers are investing good fundings. This leads to various problems during the honey harvesting.
  • Furthermore, there are not many unions among the beekeepers. Hence there is no strong voice to represent their problems to Bee Boards and the Government.
  • Due to a number of reasons, the yield is not the same every year. You might experience a range of production of honey. Also, you will see a change in the quality which will affect the price of honey.
  • There are little Bee Inputs. This will not help the cause of producing quality honey.
  • Because of the Pollution, bees are getting affected. They are dying out of the industrial and vehicle emissions.
  • Since many farmers are using various chemical pesticides, they are killing the honey bees. With this, the yield of honey is decreasing.
  • With the intervention of GMOs, honey bee population is declining at an alarming rate.
  • The radiation from the mobiles is also a major member in killing the honey bees.
  • Apart from the above reasons, there are many other factors that you have to face if you have bee hives.

These are some of the Problems and Challenges that you will face in Commercial Beekeeping in India. We hope that this information is helpful to you.

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  1. what can be the marketing problems faced in honey industry in india. if any one can explain this in detail for my resarch work.

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