Costs and Profit Margins in Commercial Silkworm Farming in India

Commercial Silkworm Farming Costs Profit Margins: This article will help you if you want to start silk farming in India. We have covered most of the aspects that you will need to know. Since Costs and Profit Margins are important aspects to know, we have given information on the same. Furthermore, if you want to know How to Start Silkworm Farming in India, then you can click on that link. It will give you most of the information that you will need to start this business. Other than that, you can also try to get information from the other Sericulture Farmers. Furthermore, check the below information to know more about the Capital Investments and Income Returns in Silk Worm Farming.

Total Expected Commercial Silkworm Farming Cost for Beginners:

S. No.ParticularsCost
1.Cost of Silkworm Shed Rs. 1,25,000
2.Cost of nets for 100 mt Rs. 2,000
3.Cost of bedding material Rs. 5,000
4.Labour cost Rs. 7,000
5.Cost of every harvesting Rs. 10,000
6.Initial Cost of silkworm larvae Rs. 15,000
7. Cost of FeedRs. 25,000
. Total Cost of Silk worm rearing Rs. 2,00,000

From the above table, you will get to know the costs of silk worm cultivation in India. Approximately, the Total Cost of Silkworm rearing is about Rs. 2,00,000. Now that you have got to know the Costs of Silk Cultivation, check below to know about the profits in Silk Worm Cultivation.

Silkworm Farming Costs Profit Margins

Commercial Silkworm Farming Costs Profit Margins in India:

S. No.ParticularsNumbers
1.Cocoon Harvested per annum 70kg/100 DFLs 1400 kg
2.Cost of Cocoon per kg Rs. 120 to 150
3.Total Income 1400 x 120 Rs. 1,68,000
4.Recurring Costs Rs. 75,000
Net Profit Rs. 93,000

The above table will give the estimation of profits in the sericulture farming. If you want to know more, then you can click on the link Profits in Silk Farming in India. It will give you more information in detail regarding the Profit Margins in Silk Cultivation in India.

  • Total Cost of Silkworm rearing is about Rs. 2,00,000.
  • The Net Profit of Silkworm Farming is Rs. 93,000.

From the above information, you can infer about the costs and profit margins. We hope that the above information is helpful to you. Furthermore, you can check more information on the Sericulture Board. You can also infer information from the KVKs. They will provide you with each and every information.

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