Things to Consider Before You Start Organic Terrace Garden in India

What are the Various Things to Know Before Starting Organic Terrace Garden: Now the Organic Terrace Garden is the term that many of us are using. The main advantage of having an Organic Terrace Garden is that you can get fresh vegetables for your home. Not only fresh but also healthy without any poisonous substances. Who is not Health Conscious these days? Everyone is. Also, having an Organic Terrace Garden will also help in indulging ourselves in a recreational activity. In our stress and busy lives, it serves as the best stress buster.

Most of the people in the Urban areas are starting Organic Terrace Garden. But how many of them are maintaining properly for a prolonged period? Not many really. This is mainly because of the lack of preparation and groundwork. Both of them are really important to Start Organic Terrace Garden. Most of them are not doing this. Also, they do not know what are the things to consider to How to Design Organic Terrace Garden or Plan Organic Terrace Garden. This is leading them to leave this Terrace Gardening in between. Hence to provide you with some assistance, we have brought some important things to consider before you start Organic Kitchen Garden or Terrace Garden.

 List of Things to Know Before Starting Organic Terrace Garden:

  • Identify the Space on Your Terrace
  • Make a Plan to Divide the Available Space
  • Watering/Irrigation
  • Waste Management
  • Composting
  • Knowledge about Various Terrace Garden Plants
  • Organic Terrace Gardening Supply
  • Budget
  • Staring Small Organic Terrace Garden
  • Little Bit of Patience

These are some of the important things to consider before you plan Organic Terrace Garden. If you are thorough with these things, you will maintain your Terrace Garden without any issues.

Things to Know Before Starting Organic Terrace Garden

How to Design and Plan Your Organic Terrace Garden Tips:

In the above section, you have just seen the list of things. Now you are going to know them in detail. You will get to know a whole lot of things after reading this section.

1. Identify the Space on Your Terrace:

Before you start your terrace garden, you have to identify the place that you have. You should access the place like your windowsills, balconies, your rooftop. According to the place that you have, you should make a plan for your terrace garden. This includes the type of vegetable plants to grow in this windowsills, balconies, rooftops. The main thing that you have to keep in mind is that the place you select should have at least 4-5 hours of direct sunlight. This aspect is pretty much necessary.

2. Make a Plan to Divide the Available Space:

Once you have identified the place that you have, you should make a plan to divide the available space. You can grow a variety of vegetable plants that includes Shade Plants and Normal Plants. You have to divide the space according to the sunlight and the space that the vegetable plant that you grow requires. Apart from that, you should allot space for nursery operation, composting, waste management, storage etc.

3. Watering/Irrigation:

One of the things that most people do is they do not water the vegetable plants that often. Since you are growing the vegetable plants on your rooftop, water evaporates quickly. Hence the plants require water on a daily basis, particularly during Summer. In Monsoon and Winter season, you can water once in two days. You can make arrangements for water harvesting during the rainy season.

4. Waste Management:

If you are having a garden, then you will also have a lot of waste. That might be dry leaves, or twigs or any other stuff in the vegetable garden. Hence you should have a proper waste management. You can use some of the waste as a mulch to protect the loss of water from the soil in the summer season. Other than that, you have to remove the waste from your Terrace Garden.

Tips to Maintain Kitchen Garden

5. Composting:

One of the best advantages of having an Organic Terrace Garden is that you can turn your home into a zero waste zone. All the waste that you produce in your home and also in the Terrace Garden can be converted into compost. All you need to have a bucket only for the Composting. You have to add all the waste into this bucket and add soil which will make a perfect compost in a span of 30 odd days. You can use this compost as the Organic Fertilizer in your Organic Kitchen Garden.

6. Knowledge about Various Terrace Garden Plants:

Since you want to grow some vegetable plants, you should know what are the best plants that are suitable for Organic Terrace Gardening. You should also know the seasonal vegetable plants. You should have a data of which plants will grow in summer and which will grow in winter. According to that list, you can grow them in your Kitchen Garden and maintain them properly.

7. Organic Kitchen Gardening Supply:

You should have a continuous Gardening supply. You require a variety of things to start Terrace Garden. For example, seeds, organic fertilizers. You should have a store which will provide you with the best stuff. Hence remember this in the list of Things to Know Before Starting Organic Terrace Garden.

8. Budget or Cost of Organic Terrace Garden:

One of the Important Things to Know Before Starting Organic Terrace Garden is Budget. There is not much of investment that you have to put into the Terrace Gardening. You have to invest in purchasing containers, seeds, organic fertilizers and other farm tools. Even if you don’t want to buy the containers, you can still start terrace gardening at your home. You can use the old buckets as the Containers for your kitchen garden plants. In case, you want to invest a bit more, then you can go with some good options.

9. Staring Small Organic Terrace Garden:

Most people do not consider this. But let me tell you that it is one the primary Things to Know Before Starting Organic Terrace Garden. You should never start big. You have no experience in maintaining and also maintaining big terrace garden is a hectic thing. Hence always start small.

10. Little Bit of Patience:

Last but not the least, you should have a bit of patience. You should not stop gardening on your terrace once you do not get the good yield. If you show some patience you can grow some good yield. There are some of the important things that you can do to increase the Kitchen or Terrace Garden Yield. Check this list to know How to Increase the Kitchen Garden Yield.

These are the different Things to Know Before Starting Organic Terrace Garden. We hope that you follow all these suggestions and start a better terrace garden than others.

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